An issue that pervades most of our lives, internet and technology addiction can often fade to the background. Internet addiction as a disorder is not yet recognized by the American Psychological Association, yet it consumes so many relationships and so many years of our lives.
With these posters I aim to bring internet addiction (and everything that goes with it) into a new light, where it is treated like any other addiction; because sometimes it's feels impossible to climb out on your own, and there is help. The object is not to scare, but to "de-normalize," to raise awareness about the realities, just like how normalized (and ubiquitous) alcoholism was, and can still be, before the Temperance movements of the 19th century.
Starting with sketches and photos, and ending with more than twenty drafts, these two finals rose to the top.
Not a client project for or officially endorsed by the ITAA.
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