Biker photos were generously contributed by Alex Ostroy. Visit his site,

massBike is a community. It promotes, supports, advocates and brings together. Events of all statures across Massachusetts are available to viewers on the app to choose, schedule, archive, and stream. massBike emphasizes accessibility and inclusivity while channeling a rich cultural history of competitive sport. 
The visual identity appears in public spaces and private interfaces. It includes a wordmark and a symbol that can be separated or combined, masked with images, or manufactured into physical decals, emblems, and badges to be shown off on equipment and displayed at events; inspiring photos of bikers looking forward and onward; dynamic motion graphics in the signature forest green and off-white encouraging movement, growth, progress; a cohesive set of icons denoting the types of events users can access; 3d scenes of bikes in a variety of diverse environments; and a user experience that brings the whole state into one small, familiar community.
In collaboration with but not officially endorsed by the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition.
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